Moving to Ashland, Ohio

Have you been thinking about moving to Ashland, Ohio? In this blog, we’re going to discuss some details and facts about the town, especially population, schools, careers, and crime rate. For all you need to know about living in Ashland, keep reading:

Based on the official 2017 estimates from the US Census Bureau, the city of Ashland is the 82nd largest in Ohio. The estimated population is 20,423. Ashland has three school districts and a vocational school from which you can choose. In Ashland, the overall median age is 36 years (35.1 for males and 38.1 for females). Also, for every 100 females, there are 91.5 males. The population density is 1811.52 people/mi² (699.43 people/km²).

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Ashland City School District has 5 schools for pre-K through 12th grade with approximately 3,260 students. Crestview Local School District has 3 schools for kindergarten through 12th grade with approximately 1,064 students. Mapleton Local School District has 3 schools for pre-K through 12th grade with 932 students. Lastly, Ashland Count-West Holmes Career Center is a vocational school for grades 10 through 12.

You won’t have trouble finding a great place to work in Ashland! The top employers, according to, are as follows: Ashland University, D-R Services, Pioneer National Latex, and Star USA. From teaching at a private university to working as an international trade consultant, there are a multitude of career options!

Ashland has a low crime rate, and reports that the safest areas to live in the city include: Bailey Lake, Five Points, Paradise Hill, England, City Center/Ashland Univ., Cottage St./Westlake Dr., and Center St./College Ave. Ashland, Ohio, is a great city that offers tons of opportunities for growth both career and education-wise.

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