Why Hire a Realtor?

Whether you are buying or selling your home, hiring a realtor will make the entire process so much easier! You can depend on your realtor to handle each step of the transaction, give you tips, and put your mind at ease. In this blog, we’re going to discuss five reasons why we highly recommend hiring a realtor instead of selling on house hunting on your own. Let’s get started!

hire a realtor
Make your realty dreams a reality with help from ARK Realty LLC. 

Setting the price. When selling your beloved home where you’ve made tons of memories, you want to be sure the price is reasonable. For instance, if you have completely renovated the bathroom and kitchen, you want that to be reflected in the price. A realtor will know what price would be appropriate for your home yet still attract buyers. Additionally, if you are on the other side and hunting for a home, negotiating with the sellers can be tricky. If you’ve already fallen in love with the home, discussing the price with the sellers could be too emotional for you. That’s where the realtor would be able to help tremendously!

Suggesting repairs. A realtor knows what potential home buyers want. He or she will know what repairs in your home need taken care of before it hits the market. If your realtor suggests you replace your entire HVAC system, roof, flooring, etc., it’s because he or she knows these updates will make a huge difference when selling.

Finding your dream home. When searching for a home, you want to find the one that checks most of your boxes. Finding that house with 4 bedrooms, a huge backyard, a covered porch, three-car garage, and 3 bathrooms on your own might be difficult and time-consuming. A realtor will know what areas a home like this will most likely be.

Marketing your home. Realtors are experienced in marketing homes. That’s what they do. They can give tips for taking photos, running social media campaigns, and hosting open houses. Instead of having to spend time coming up with these ideas on your own, let a realtor help.

Whether you are buying or selling, let the experienced and caring staff at ARK Realty LLC serve you. We have offices in Bucyrus and Ashland to allow us to better assist our clients! You can reach us online at https://arkrealty.us/contact-us/ or call us at 419-617-7342. We’d be honored to help make your realty dreams a reality.


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